Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

The Venue

All members and guests accept the rules of our code of conduct when entering any of our venues.

  • The venue holds the right to remove or ban any of our attendees or guests from the venue at any time.
  • You agree to follow the venue’s rules as soon as you enter their premises.
  • You agree to follow ‘TwinConRPG’ code of conduct while at any of the venues.


“Venues” – TwinConRPG; St Andrew’s CofE Primary School, The Green​, Totteridge N20 8NX.
“Members” – a person who attends a convention or event run by “TwinConRPG”.
“Guests” – a person who does not have a valid ticket with “TwinConRPG” but attends Games or events held by TwinConRPG.


1. These are the terms and conditions applicable to TwinConRPG Tickets (“Terms”). In these Terms, “you/r” refers to the name signed on the ticket, and “we” and “us” refers to TwinConRPG.

2. Your ticket is valid until the end of the event. If you are unable to use your ticket at any stage during this time refunds or extensions cannot be offered in any circumstances.

2.1 Although you are issued a ticket, the TwinConRPG retains ownership of the ticket itself.​

2.2 TwinConRPG may ask for you to return the ticket card if you are banned from the event held by TwinConRPG, or if your ticket is revoked.​ 

2.3 By you purchasing the ticket you agree to follow the code of conduct held by TwinConRPG.

3. No refund can be issued for the purchase of a ticket.​

4. If you are unable to show a valid ticket on entry you may be required to pay non-ticket rate before you are admitted to an event which is non-refundable.​

4.1 Lost or stolen ticket will be replaced free of charge in the first instance.

5. By you purchasing this ticket you agree to the above terms and conditions.