Who We Are

Our Mission

To create a unique, fun, friendly environment to game, game, game. To build a community and establish this as a regular event.

Run by gamers for gamers, from novice to experienced.

Extraordinary Experiences

Are you sitting in another boring staff training meeting?

Is your boss pointing at a bar chart and talking of targets and percentages?

Are you questioning your existence?

Or are you imagining wielding your +5 vorpal sword and facing off against a Tarrasque?

We are here to help…

Our Core Values

Starting small looking to grow big but above all…

Our Team

(left) A twin and relentlessly creative and organised. I think. Unless that's her sister.


(right) Another twin. Creative, crafty and good at techie stuff.


(top) A twin, one of two of us that understands real work.


(bottom) Another twin, newest member of the team in more ways than one.


(middle) Another twin. An encyclopedia of all things boardgame.


TwinConRpg Gallery

The First TwinConRpg Convention

A few pictures from our first convention. Everyone had a lot of fun, hope to see them all again.

TwinConRpg 2

A few pictures from our second convention. Bigger and better.

TwinConRpg 3

A few pictures from our third convention. Partnered up.

TwinConRpg 4

Even Bigger and better.


I spent all day staring at them but just could not tell the difference.
Very friendly bunch, had a great time and laughed lots.
Old One
The guest speaker just slew me, I could have died.